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09 June 2023 👁 47
June Is a Lovely Month in England to Look at Gardens - and History

June Is a Lovely Month in England to Look at Gardens - and History

While thinking about a topic for this month’s post, I wondered if there was an Agatha Christie-related or 1920s event that happened in June to write about. I did a little online research – and then created my own event!

01 June 2023 👁 104
Welcome to the "Agatha Annotated" Website!

Welcome to the "Agatha Annotated" Website!

It’s been a long time coming!

I’m referring to this website, certainly, but I’m also thinking about Agatha Christie’s books. She wrote The Mysterious Affair at Styles in 1916 and it was published in 1920. That’s over one hundred years ago!

26 May 2023 👁 66
Wrestling with Titles and Subtitles

Wrestling with Titles and Subtitles

While crafting the perfect title for your book may seem like a creative effort, authors also need to exert their business skills before making a final decision. 

12 May 2023 👁 52
100 Years Ago, King Charles' Grandparents Got Hitched and Other Random Facts

100 Years Ago, King Charles' Grandparents Got Hitched and Other Random Facts

Working on this Agatha Christie book prompts me to wonder about life one hundred years ago, so I googled “what happened in 1923 in England.” One event was the wedding of the Queen Mum, King Charles’ grandmother, and that started me down a fun rabbit hole.


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