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Patricia Rockwell, Publisher, Cozy Cat Press

"Mystery lovers will devour this book. It provides background, context, and enlightenment about everything in all of Agatha Christie’s novels—from locations to historical figures to events to phraseology. If you read an Agatha Christie mystery, having this book at your fingertips will come in handy. Admittedly, for many contemporary readers—particularly Americans—the content and context of Christie’s work is often obscure. Ms. Gingold anticipates virtually any question a Christie reader might have.

The book is filled with photos and images that help clarify many of the entries. It’s also quite possible to read this book totally for enjoyment just as one might read a history book. The difference is that with Agatha Annotated, all of the content will be valuable and of interest to Christie mystery fans.

The book is arranged alphabetically for searching ease. Also, interspersed throughout are sections with more in-depth treatments of issues of importance in Christie’s world. Agatha Annotated is a fabulous book and readers of all types will enjoy it.

Jim Baumann, author of "Grammar Moses," columnist

“These days, I’m the type of pleasure reader who keeps a dictionary close at hand. I love to learn words and phrases. Having paged through Kate Gingold’s new book, I’m certain I missed a great deal of context when a teenage me sat down with “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” for the first time. I plan to give it another go, now that I have this handy guidebook to all things Agatha. I’m sure Poirot will be a lot more relatable to me the second time around."

Luisa Buehler, author, The Grace Marsden Mysteries

Luisa Buehler"Agatha Annotated by Kate Gingold is a wonderful reference for anyone reading Christie. Many terms in her novels are understood in context but not in origin. Gingold has compiled a book of revelation from who was Bulldog Drummond to why and who used French chalk. You will find yourself eagerly scrolling through this well researched glossary to find terms you know and ones that catch you out."

Tony Medawar, Program Director, International Agatha Christie Festival

image of tweet from International Agatha Christie Festival saying 'This is a terrific book!'

Tony Medawar

"This is a terrific book!"

Tony tweeted a nice message after receiving a copy of the book for consideration of a panel or exhibit at the International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, England in September 2024. He wrote back. He offered! Kate's going!




And there will be more!

Agatha Annotated: Glossary of Terms

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Annotator Kate Gingold

Kate Gingold

... has been a huge fan of the works of Agatha Christie her entire adult life. Christie's vivid descriptions of picturesque English life in the early-to-mid twentieth century fascinated Kate, but many of the people and places were unfamiliar to her. A writer herself, as well as a researcher and historian with several local history books to her credit, Kate began a list of these strange words and set out to define them. Now, Christie fans like you and all those who come after will be able to fully enjoy the richness of Agatha Christie novels with their own copy of Agatha Annotated.

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