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editions of Agatha Christie novels!

When buying a new Agatha Christie ebook, you'll soon be able to choose one with dozens of footnotes, defining obscure terms and historical references from 1920s England.

Here's an example of a kindle reader with a page from "The Mysterious Affair at Styles." You may just skip over a term like "bad lot" and never be quite sure what it means, but now you can click on it and the definition pops up!

Terms pop up on Kindles

  • Never get stopped by an obscure term again!
  • Never skip over the term, only to miss the deeper meaning of the scene.

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Agatha Annotated: Glossary of Terms

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Annotator Kate Gingold

Kate Gingold

... has been a huge fan of the works of Agatha Christie her entire adult life. Christie's vivid descriptions of picturesque English life in the early-to-mid twentieth century fascinated Kate, but many of the people and places were unfamiliar to her. A writer herself, as well as a researcher and historian with several local history books to her credit, Kate began a list of these strange words and set out to define them. Now, Christie fans like you and all those who come after will be able to fully enjoy the richness of Agatha Christie novels with their own copy of Agatha Annotated.

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